Are you working at full STEAM?

I've just been reading through the Welsh Government Report of the Independent Review in Neonatal Services at Prince Charles Hospital in Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board. Much of it was sadly familiar, as I wrote an internal review of women and child health services in that region about 15 years ago. A few things... Continue Reading →

Flow and Scale…

Part of a series of technical posts describing specialist programmes and the concepts, methods and tools developed to deliver them.

Opportunity Costing

Part of a series of technical posts describing specialist programmes and the concepts, methods and tools developed to deliver them.

Headaches & Handovers

I've spent most of my career in an around clinical decision making and the management of the knowledge, constantly orbiting around those often innocuous and sometimes critical, moments of decision. As a 'non-clinician' I've naturally got a certain objectivity to both the process and the content as critical bits of information are collated, dis-aggregated, critiqued,... Continue Reading →

ANGEL Murmuration

After a rather marvellous weekend at NHS Hackday Cardiff 2015, I'm knackered. But, equally excited with the potential that emerged in just few hours by interacting some carbon with some silicon. Lindsey (coding witchcraft), Warren (sexy engineering), Michael (social inspiration), Jas (clinical rudder), Gareth (sense checking) and me (noisily interfering) worked on different bits of bringing a... Continue Reading →

Nick Rich…

@ProfNickRich Nick is a professor and socio-technical systems researcher, meaning he has an interest in how people and technology work together to generate high performance organisations and highly reliable organisations. Nick is a renowned academic, a polymath, and his interests cover healthcare systems reliability and high performance manufacturing and service operations. His career started at... Continue Reading →

Siôn Charles…

@SionCharles Siôn is a highly experienced director and project manager with a track-record of consistently delivering against targets, achieving financial balance, delivering to plan, and setting and achieving milestones. Experienced working in a range of complex organisations and environments in multiple and sometimes challenging partnerships with public, private and third sector organisations to deliver national... Continue Reading →

Matt Wyatt…

@ComplexWales Matt's management career extends over 25 years having been responsible for the delivery of a wide range of services and support across Healthcare, Government, Aerospace and their partner organisations. Matt first got into the NHS by mistake, as his professional life began as an Architect. With this background - in how to design the... Continue Reading →

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