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Matt is the Founder of ComplexWales, with a career extending over 25 years responsible for the delivery of a wide range of health and care services, working with the NHS and partner organisations across specialist, acute and community settings. He first started working with the NHS by mistake, as his professional life began as an Architect. With this background – in how to create the space necessary for other people to do something useful – he naturally gravitated towards roles within organisational development and service improvement.

Apart from many years in operational management, Matt has led all sorts of change from many small initiatives up to large scale transformation programmes and just about everything in between. The range of work has encompassed Service Improvement and Review, Multidisciplinary Team Working, Interprofessional Education, Practice Development, Operational Decision Making, Business Development, Behavioural Change and Collaborative Commissioning. Described by a few smashing people, as “the best facilitator ever”, Matt has put that to use supporting the development of a wide range of stakeholder networks including several national practitioner led, Communities of Practice.

Matt now provides advice and support on initiatives that extend across traditional organisational, policy and professional boundaries. Although called an Advisor, he describes himself as a professional interferer, getting a great deal of fulfilment out of being immersed in large complex programmes, always looking for a better way to get the job done. He tends to talk a lot about bloody good design, asset based development, how to stimulate innovation and pretty much anything that involves leveraging the diversity of a well informed crowd. Matt’s intellectual interests are centred on translating the concepts, methods and tools from Complexity Science, into everyday practice. Sounds theoretical, but it’s all about being opportunity oriented.

With a challenging, insightful and entertaining style Matt regularly delivers keynote sessions for business and education and most often, just for the hell of it, when someone asks nicely, “I also provide reorientation therapy for people who have been Leadershipped, or recently escaped from Innovationology, or just landed on earth for the first time”.

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