This page keeps moving! In my various conversations with lovely people from all over the place, I occasionally refer to work I’ve been involved in over the years. Here’s a variety of those referenced materials and documents that are typically already available somewhere, but I’ve plonked them here for convenience. Enjoy.

Cancer – let’s talk about it 2016!

Hell of a day! With a couple of hundred Cancer Nurse Specialists from across the nation, together in one room for the first time. I love my job, but I was still blown away by the equal measures of love for the family and hate for the bloody disease. These fantastic people comes back every Monday morning and it is as normal to them as the extraordinary knowledge, skill and commitment to a battle that nobody wins. Hell of a day orchestrated by my friend Gillian Knight.

Make Every Contact Count 2015

Over 250 people discussed ‘Making Every Contact Count’ in Wales at a lively and inspiring conference in Cardiff. Participants considered how staff working in the NHS and partner organisations can embed prevention and promote wellness as an integral part of their roles – using the everyday conversations.

PMLD Community of Practice 2015

The field of Profound Multiple Learning Disability is inherently multidisciplinary, multiagency and typically multifamily. By definition each person with PMLD relies on a Community of Practice to support them, so we founded one, to bring people together from across Wales. This is the launch event.

ANGEL Taxonomy – Measuring Complexity 2012

ANGEL is an acronym to describe five factors that help a clinician to decide what type of care a person needs. ANGEL is not a tool and it hasn’t been invented to solve a particular problem, it is a description or distillation of how a practitioner actually forms a complex judgement about a person in their care!

Multidisciplinary Working Review 2011

The Continuing NHS Healthcare National Programme Board, supported by the Welsh Government, has taken the lead in developing a national framework of guidance and practical resources aimed at improving multidisciplinary working.

10 High Impact Changes for Complex Care 2010

The changes identified are the result of health and social care practitioners working together to identify the main levers that help to support and maintain independent living, for people who live with complex needs.

A Steady State – Intermediate Care 2009

The aim of this paper was to stimulate debate amongst opinion formers in health and social care to ensure that, whilst embracing the diversity necessary to address local need, we are committed to working together to achieve a joint vision for Intermediate Care.

Passing the Baton – Discharge Planning 2008

A Practical Guide to Discharge Planning was conceived, developed and written by a Community of Practice with over one hundred people representing every Health and Social Care organisations across Wales. There’s also an explanatory video here.

System To Escalate And Monitor 2005

The System To Escalate And Monitor (STEAM) is an assessment and handover tool used to measure clinical demand and capacity and escalate risk, all within a communication protocol that can be enacted by any member of staff. Originally developed in Paediatrics, the tool won a patient safety award and was implemented across several Hospitals.

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