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ComplexWales is a hub that coordinates access to a small network of professionals with decades of experience across Health, Social Care and allied business, education and voluntary organisations. Our consultancy services include:

  • Project and performance management
  • Quality improvement and measurement
  • Operational investigations and evaluations
  • Collaborative commissioning frameworks
  • Many aspects of participative, organisational and personal development

We also have successfully advised on several specialist national development programmes from initiation to evaluation.


We have over 30 years of experience in designing & delivering professional engagement. Whether discreetly bringing a few people together to mediate sensitive issues, or facilitating hundreds of people to participate in their next great adventure, we have the skills and the experience.

Our Founder Matt Wyatt, is an accomplished speaker, expert facilitator and event host, well versed in all of our technical aspects of work.

That aside, he’s always open to invites to come and tell some stories and provide a little motivation for any audience, with his unique blend of insight, enthusiasm and occasional irreverence.

Matt is also always open for a natter over coffee in person, on all the usual digital accoutrements, or via the contact form on the sidebar. 👉

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Are you working at full STEAM?

I’ve just been reading through the Welsh Government Report of the Independent Review in Neonatal Services at Prince Charles Hospital in Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board. Much of it was sadly familiar, as I wrote an internal review of women and child health services in that region about 15 years ago. A few things were very familiar: in particular the perpetual challenge of maintaining internal staffing levels; and the big knotty issues of the external collaborative infrastructure, that every child health service now requires to be sustainable. Another very familiar aspect, was the obvious commitment to improvement by successive… Continue Reading →

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