To old and new friends…

This site started out a few years ago as a simple blog, to talk about that big blue matrix above, which now extends to several pages. Oh yes, and occasionally to enable me to vent a little frustration about how mad the world of public services and healthcare is, most of the time. Albeit that I make no apologies for the outrageous and outspoken, devotion to the best institution in the world: namely the NHS đź’™.

Some of the writing remained monologue, but much of the emergent dialogue attracted people from around the world, who shared my appreciation for occasionally speaking truth to power. The insight and experience gained from: enjoying rigorous participation to overcome hurdles; creating space for beautifully diverse humans to get better at what they do; and loving a bit of old school hard work: ends up with a sentimental leaning towards wanting to work on what’s strong, not just what’s wrong.

Consequently, many opportunities to work with people old and new, have arisen, so I thought I may as well make it formal. Amazingly a few friends, some already deep in the thick of it, have also come on board. So I’m now in the process of setting up the company and mapping out the capabilities of our newly combined forces.

Nothing is too big nor too small, because that, is the first lesson of complexity.

Kind Regards
Matt Wyatt

Specialist Programmes:

Many of these programmes and the techniques developed to deliver them, are described in greater detail in the blog… or soon will be. Apart from innumerable bespoke contributions, our network has also played significant roles in long term programmes:

  • Advising independently as members of local and national project and programme boards.
  • Building capability for rapid innovation to both produce and implement new legislation.
  • Facilitating national engagement through practitioner led Communities of Practice.
  • Production and delivery of bespoke education, training and development programmes.
  • Designing collaborative transformational change across national and regional services.
  • Developing evidence based decision support, risk management and clinical pathways.
  • Creating workforce planning for measurement, monitoring and evaluation of safe staffing.

More to come……

Connecting and Contracting

All day rates and longer term contracts are negotiable.

Hands up! As you can imagine, we are still working on what this means to members of the network. So in the meantime… go on, make us an offer 👉

Book a Speaker

Speaking fees start at free, if you ask nicely, in exchange for good coffee and good company. Everything else is negotiable from there, especially if you are a little enterprise looking to connect up, or one of our existing partners, after a favour.

For established institutions, events companies and international businesses with budgets to match, the standard speaking fee for any of our senior team starts at ÂŁ2000 per day, plus expenses.

Either way, use the contact form on the right to start the negotiation 👉

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