movet oculum mutare visum

...right at the beginning of this pandemic, I started banging on about the real and present need to start the recovery process and plan for the psychological aftermath.

My Shortest Blog Ever!

The shortest blog ever, has been triggered by reading an absolute load of utter gobshite. (That was the original post... the rest came in various edits) Perhaps I should explain! I'm feeling proper ranty, so bear with me... There are knobheads who read stuff that is, unbeknown to them, already out in the world and... Continue Reading →

Sisyphus & the 3 Stooges…

I can’t believe it, I’ve gone and done it, but it's @SionCharles fault. He's taunted me for ages to write an article on Leadership. Neither of us are fans of the ideology and have been known over the years to occasionally poke fun at some of the nonsense. I think he was after something suitable... Continue Reading →

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