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An interesting project and I’m looking forward to digging into the taxonomy a bit deeper, to see whether they are considering the typical complexity of each person as a predisposition for their eventual route through the system. Age and frailty are not significant attractors; yes, the majority of people are older and many are frail but those characteristics are not accurate determinants for particular outcomes.

Interestingly, when we looked at journeys across acute care for this patient group within NHS Wales (data health warning aside) – across every organisation the distribution of patients being discharged to their usual place of residence changed significantly at about 19 days in hospital. At that tipping point, your chances of going home dropped by up to 50% and the cause was not due to any specific criteria, the effect simply randomised ie the driving characteristic appeared to be luck!

British Geriatrics Society

The British Geriatric Society are pleased to announce that our partnership project with the NHS Benchmarking Network is now live for data collection. Care of older people in acute settings is an exciting new project for 2014 which looks at pathways for older people through secondary care.image_mini

The project has been developed in conjunction with the BGS, and it will consider the path older people take through secondary care. The project looks at the journey from A&E through to short term assessment units, elderly care wards and supported discharge processes. Links with other sectors including primary care, community services, mental health and social care particularly at the front and back end of hospitals will be of particular interest and are explored in further detail in the project.

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