Spacetime Traversing Existential Liminal Swing

This wonderful swirling mass of tiny Starlings is called a murmuration. Apart from being mesmerisingly beautiful or terrifying - depending on whether or not you’re an Alfred Hitchcock fan - the phenomenon has been studied by lots of different sorts of people. You’d probably assume they were Ornithologists, some Biologists maybe, but Physicists, Mathematicians, Cryptographers,... Continue Reading →

See One, Do One, Teach One.

One of the important things to consider when being a general curmudgeonly old goat, especially on social media, is that you have to be willing to openly accept two inevitable consequences. Firstly, be ready to humbly apologise. You'll occasionally bleat at a touch of blather that got your goat up, only to discover that the... Continue Reading →

Alaskan Déjà vu

The first time I saw a presentation about The Nuka System of Care, I was sat at the back of a big lecture theatre, next to an old fella who was chuckling his way through the whole thing. The presentation was full of the typical marketing malarkey used by people flogging a story that they... Continue Reading →

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