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This blog is generally oriented around health and caring for one and other with a sentimental leaning towards participation and asset based development. No apologies for the outrageous and the outspoken, devotion to the best institution in the world, namely the NHS.

These are the musings of a Transdisciplinary Advisor: that’s a professional interferer who wanders across typical boundaries passing through various disciplines, communities, cultures, organisations and events – shamelessly picking up lovely insight and experience. I have occasional access to an enormous uncooperative brain thingy that tells me stuff about intelligence, professional practice, behavioural economics, social psychology, participation, cognitive science, mathematics, storytelling, design method, philosophy of systems, decision making, communities of practice, phenomenology and how to spot bullshit.

With a particular interest in people who don’t neatly fit in a conveniently defined box, the most interesting stuff happens at the boundaries between people, disciplines and organisations. The industrial machine metaphor of life and work is dead, the real experience is more like social gardening. It’s human in scale, everybody can join in and every person has a different way of doing it. Pull up some weeds, cut the grass, plant some seeds or just sit in the middle of it, with a beer and admire the mess for a while. Sometimes your garden is a bit shit, but you can learn to love it anyway.

So, despite a lifelong challenge to embrace Unconditional Positive Regard, I despise Pseudo Profound Bullshit and wholeheartedly reserve the right to be a cantankerous old goat – “as a descendant of the forgotten cynic people, his ancient language is like Kung Fu for the brain, protecting the naive from the peddlers of bull” and that’s the opinion of me I’m most proud of.

Love Complexity Science and live in Wales hence ComplexWales and be warned, you will see a lot of stuff related to the study of systems and its application…


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